Why Using Professional Photographs For Online Marketing Matters

Professional Photographs For Online Marketing

Recently, I commissioned a professional photographer to capture some photographs of some newly created merchandise. The reason for this was not aesthetics, but for the purpose of giving the user a better experience and feel of the product as a way of communication.

I could have easily taken the route of product pack shots, computer graphics or even worse, taken uninteresting photographs using a compact camera with unattractive backgrounds.


I wasn’t interested in the easy route, but instead, wanted to give the merchandise the best possible chance of integration into an online marketing strategy. In other words, images I could use anywhere and in any context without losing value, face or brand.

So, it really does matter how you visually portray your business, brand and any associated products or services. It matters from a professional outlook and audience point of view.

Here is why professional photographs for online marketing matters:

Online Marketing using professional photographs

Visual impact

Whether you run an online business, office based, retail outlet or a tradesman, there is no better way of telling a great story but through visuals. Use these visuals alongside your online marketing content, printed literature and on your website. Use a professional photographer to capture and tell a unique story.

Speak volumes

The photographs should speak volumes about your business or the online marketing content. In other words, it should go hand in hand. Why? Because the right images will evoke a response. Potentially, a response that adds value to the brand or business and possibly, one that triggers further engagement.

Quality and excite

Almost anything you do on your offline or online marketing will be much more exciting when high quality images are used. Yes, quirky half blurry funny pictures can be responsive, but they probably won’t deliver your business’s message in the best light. So, whether you use the images for social media, blogging or display adverts at least you know you are showing your best.

Mobile device VS Pro photographer

By all means, capture your own photographs and tell a story via your mobile device. Tweet it, share it, post it on Instagram and pin it on Pinterest, continue to tell your story via social sharing. Done correctly, this will add to your business buzz.

However, use a professional photographer for capturing all the essential shots for your online marketing. For example, online product shots, company staff shots, interior design photos, business premises and the list goes on. Photographs directly related to your business need a professional touch and that’s the bottom line.

Outside the box

The professional photographer can add a great twist to an online marketing strategy by thinking outside the box. How? A quality photographer is a ’creative’ and has a training eye, they could provide visual ideas and concepts that you’d have never thought of. This creative edge could help you stand out from the crowd and rise above your competition.

In summary

Business Banter ShopNo need to over complicate the visual side of your online marketing. Select the best people for the job and get on with it. As a business, you have the power to choose how your audience and the world sees you. Use it wisely!

If you can create even a little impact through the use of your commissioned professional photographs, the momentum you can build on that impact is endless. Keep it simple, follow the process and showcase the best photographs that tell your business story.

I would love to hear your experience with using images?

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  • Robert Loomes

    I totally agree Sam. All round professional output will give you the edge!

  • I always find quality visuals more engaging, most definitely. Thanks!

  • Brian

    Using high quality images for your business is vital. This is a good article and I’m glad you’ve written it. Now with digital cameras and stock libraries, everyone seems to be taking the easy route. Pro photographers exist for a reason, use them! By the way, really love the shirts.

    • Thank you Brian. I couldn’t agree more. There’s a time and place for every level of business photography, use it wisely I say! Glad you like the T-shirts 🙂