Social Media For Business in 2014 And Beyond

Social media for business in 2014

Leveraging social media for business is no novel concept but with an ever-growing digital landscape and the emergence of new platforms, social media marketing has not only cemented its position as THE key marketing strategy around – but enhanced it.

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More and more businesses are embracing social networks to market their products, learn about new trends and interact with customers on a more personal level. There’s a common concurrence that engaging via social media for business can help businesses to better understand their target audience and, therefore, allow them to create compelling content that resonates with followers.

The upshot of this is an engaged online community who are shown to be more loyal and influential towards a socially active brand that delivers them content of value and an informal customer service. Social media for business is about building a solid reputation and developing an ongoing relationship with the target market is invaluable.

In this infographic below titled ‘The Potential of Social Media for B2B in 2014’, the sheer size of the social marketplace is well and truly emphasised as it details the core social media sites used by businesses today and the dramatic rise in social advertising spend in recent years.

It also focuses on the new players in this burgeoning marketplace and where B2B marketers will be directing their budgets in 2014. Social media for business is here to stay, so use it and use it wisely!

Social media for business

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  • Thank you for this infographic on B2B marketing. I see so many on consumer-based businesses. My firm markets solely to small and medium business owners and has only begun, in the last 2 months, to leverage social media. We’re newbies because I didn’t see the value for a B2B company. But our traffic to our website has increased, as has our level of engagement. We’re still in learning mode and making lots of mistakes but we’re much further along than we were 2 months ago. Your infographic includes some additional insights/tips we will incorporate into our strategy. Thanks again.

    Tiffany C. Wright
    The Resourceful CEO

  • Keith – Real Business Rescue

    Thanks Robert. I agree, the social side of B2B marketing is hard to ignore looking at these statistics, thanks for the comments, Keith

  • Robert Loomes

    I love the graphic. It’s all about connecting the right way and developing quality relationships with online people.