Social Bait Powered By Your Social Profile

Social bait using social profile

You spend your days trolling social media. Chatting up people that will make a difference to your bottom line. Does your social profile or bio scream “FOLLOW ME!”? Or does it scare people away?

An interesting social profile and bio always get the extra click.

What? What extra click?

The click that leads back to your site. Interacting on social media is simply bait to get people back to your site. Your ultimate goal should be to get them to sign up to your list. But, how can you get them to do that, if you don’t have a bio that piques their interest?

Twitter Bios

Social profile - Twitter bio

Let’s look at a bad example. Compare your bio. Does it sound something like this:

Bestselling and International Paranormal Fantasy Novelist represented by @NameRemoved of @FourLetters. #SILLYBOOKNAME

Silly Book Name Again ·

Authors tend to have the worst bios thus, weakening their social profile. I mean the worst.

Identifying information removed out of respect and class, but you get the idea. This was the first bio I happened upon on Twitter this morning. Do I want to follow her? Nope. There’s zero personality. It’s all self-promotional. And there’s nothing in it for me. I’m selfish like that (and so is every other consumer on this planet).

Here’s a good Twitter bio that enhances their social profile (and it’s not from an author, imagine!):

Ruhani Rabin


#Tech Enthusiast, Idea Maker, #SocialMedia Researcher and a Total fun #Geek! Right!? I am INFJ.

Malaysia ·

His bio’s good. It’s balanced short punchiness and humor with a little self-promotion. Nice. And also part of why he has over 150K followers. Besides, who wouldn’t like a site called “Rebel Mouse”?

Facebook Abouts

Social profile - Facebook about

Let’s look at a Facebook About now. They’re a little different. You can get wordier like this first example, but take a look at the following ones before you decide: Does it enhance their social profile?

♥ Contact Us♥ 

♥ Email us ♥

♥Web♥ .com♥


MLD Mission is to Design and Customize a line of purses, leather goods and Jewelry. MLD is growing into a designers page for clothes, jewelry accessories for the not your average Rebel Rockers. Classy to Trashy and always tastefully erotic goal to go Global, create a multi-billion dollar company and compete with the elite.

(What’s with the rebels in my feed? I dunno. Maybe I’m truly one at heart.)

But um. No. I like this woman. I do. Yet she needs some work on this About. You can tell this is a craftsperson running this page and there’s a LONG way to go to get to that multi-billion dollar company she’s dreaming of.

To make it better, correct all the grammar and punctuation errors for starters. Make it more user-centric. What will a follower get from following this page?

Let’s look at a good one:

Will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

With over 660,000 likes, it’s clear and concise. Neil Gaiman articulates who he’s targeting. There’s no BS.

Here’s one with 1.9M likes: The Oatmeal.

This is a website for people who are into chainsaws, chest hair, and cupcakes.

That’s it. It’s humorous. Short. It’s absolutely not self-promotional. There’s a social bait powered by a good social profile!

Bait Them

Social profile using social networking bait

People meet you in social media. Someone shares your page or your social profile and others investigate. Make sure your bio or your about screams intrigue and they’ll follow you. Then, they’ll do what you really want them to do:

Check out your site.

And if that’s done right, then they’ll subscribe. That’s where your money comes in. So, even if your dollars don’t come directly from social, that’s the bait that you’re hanging in the water. That’s the bait that will lead them to your subscribe button. That’s the bait that’ll ultimately change your profit margin.

What do your social profile bios say?

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  • Good looking profile helps, no doubt about that. Though I think activity and consistency play major role in SMM. Though many of the social media marketing experts, post statuses like they 3rd graders which makes me wonder how these people succeed in social networks.

  • Georgie

    Social networking is one of the next best thing to face to face marketing. Getting the social profile perfect is essential. Tania, very well emphasised! great post.

  • Robert Loomes

    Thank you for this information. The thing is many people have no idea, or I guess, less of an idea that your online profile matter so much. I for one had simply just put something together for the sake of having something and it was very much self promo, but this really makes sense.

    • Thanks, Robert 🙂 I’m glad is resonated with you 🙂 Feel free to hit me if you have any questions about changing yours up 🙂

  • Great blog with some great tips Tania, thank you:-)

    • Thank, Neil! Nice to meet you! Thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂

      • Being a blogger myself I can I appreciate the time you took; thanks again:-)