My 10 Favourite Productivity Mobile Apps for Business

Productivity Mobile Apps for Business

Business, as you know it, is no longer tied down to your desk, chair and your desktop computer as the main production hub for your business. A majority of your heavy duties may require a desktop computer, but a bulk of the pre-production, production and post-production work can now be done on your mobile devices. These productivity mobile apps for business will help you manage your business better.

Of course, productivity should run alongside some fun and most of these apps deliver a fantastic fun user experience, action enabled, built in tools for best delivery and seamlessly (for the most part) coexist for smooth management of your project tasks at hand.

Here are my 10 favourite productivity mobile apps for business:


Clear – To-do / Task list

Clear - productivity mobile apps for businessClear is a super productivity app that simply works wonders on your task list management. It’s clutter free and poses no obstacles in creating and managing your daily tasks.

Whether you are running a personal to-do list, a business project list, life goals or a weekly shopping list, this app will do it for you with simplicity. As Clear points out “beautifully-simple design lets you stay focused on what needs to be done.”

Trello – Project management

Trello is one of my task management favourites, lets you organise any type of project together as a team. This is a very powerful app that works seamlessly with your mobile devices and desktop to encourage productivity on the go.

Trello - productivity mobile apps for business

The easy-to-you interface is very intuitive and helps you collaborate with your team wherever they may be. All actions are updated in realtime so you know who is doing what and thus, manages project tasks with ease and focused productive flow.

MagicalPad – Brainstorming

MagicalPad is an awesome organisational and scoring tool that accelerates your brainstorming sessions through note taking, drawings and sketches, to-do lists and recording ideas.

Magicalpad - productivity mobile apps for business

Focus on fun and precise mind mapping, outlines and checklists allows your ideas to be connected and delivers a full picture of your thoughts. All brainstorming notes and ideas can be shared through multiple file formats and file exchange. (Currently available on iPad and coming soon on iPhone and Desktop)

iA Writer – Writing

Their slogan reads so true… “Keep your hands on the keyboard and your mind in the text.” This clean and distraction free app is a clear winner when it comes to writing. Whether you write a daily blog, book author or even in the fast paced world of a Journalist, the iA Writer should be top of your list.

iA Writer - productivity mobile apps for business

The iA Writer lets you focus on your writing and typing as your thoughts begin to flow. You can effortlessly sync all your documents to cloud storage and also organise them in folders. Writing on the go, there’s no better app to do exactly that!

Keynote – Presentations

All businesses must have the need to present their business at one point or another. If digital presentations come into play then Keynote is indeed the app for you. Keynote syncs seamlessly with all you devices and desktop delivering a professional experience.

Keynote - productivity mobile apps for business

Built-in are powerful graphics tools, animation capabilities including charts and countless effects bundled into this app for a great presentation. It even comes bundled with over 30 different, pre-configured awesome templates to get you started. Your colleague’s use MS Office? No problem with compatibility.

Pocket – Bookmarking / Archives

If you’re anything like I am, then you must get great pleasure in reading awesome posts, watching videos and reading stories online. Pocket provides you the best way to save posts, articles, images, videos and much more at a push of a button.

Pocket - productivity mobile apps for business

The stunning visual design lends itself to a beautiful viewing experience. You can bookmark or ‘pocket’ links for research purposes, archive them for future reference and access your bookmarks from nearly any device. Pocket is supported by most major apps and hence, I use it all the time.

Buffer – Social sharing

Buffer has got to be my favourite social sharing tool. It is a social media sharing tool that offers efficiency and effectiveness from a small power packed mobile app. Simple design + easy to use = Powerful tool.

Buffer - productivity mobile apps for business

Social media can take up a lot of time, but Buffer lets you manage your time and makes life easier by creating a smart way to share your content. Schedule your updates at the most influential times so the right people are being informed at the right times.

Tweetbot – Twitter client

Twitter for me is social media. Tweetbot simply lifts Twitter onto a different level of engagement and interaction. With its quirky sounds and animation, and the ability to run multiple accounts this app is not only engaging but a lot of fun.

Tweetbot - productivity mobile apps for business

You can create multiple timelines to follow conversations from particular people, customise the tabs for quick navigation coupled with smart gestures for easily retrieving conversations and details. I love this app, need I say more!

Dropbox – File sharing

Dropbox - productivity mobile apps for businessA simple file sharing app like no other. I have it on the desktop, Macbook, iPad and iPhone and it simply works as if I’m working on a single device. Tight privacy and security makes Dropbox very safe to use and share documents.

Whether you share documents from within your business, share images and videos with your friends, you can view them anywhere, anytime and update them as and when you wish. You have full control on who sees what! Now that’s powerful.

Analytics Pro – Analytics / Monitoring

Analytics pro - productivity mobile apps for businessWith all your production and marketing efforts, you must be able to measure your progress, right? Analytics Pro is a great Google Analytics tool for your mobile device. The user friendly design and research navigation makes it very easy to analyse your marketing.

Not only can you track your traffic source and content, but you can track your goals, e-commerce and much much more. This is one tool that keeps me on my toes for my business. For clients, I could be analysing their progress and organising their strategy as I sit in their office.

The above is obviously a personalised productivity mobile apps for business list that has helped my business and I’m sure the apps are helping many more people around the world. Most of these apps are fun to use, and they highly deliver a sizeable case and focus on business productivity and growth.

These are my top recommendations. What productivity mobile apps for business do you use? Please share below.

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  • Thank you very much Neela. There are so many great ways to use your mobile devices and by that I mean smart phones and tablets to build a better productive workflow. We all have our habits and with that comes apps that suit us best. The point is that we can all streamline the way we work to better ourselves.

    I’m glad you enjoyed.

  • Thank you Mohan

  • Thank you.

  • Rashmi

    Awesome list. Many of them are my favz too!

  • Mr Rees

    Great food and apps for thought here, well done Shameer for sharing some personal insight into your workings. About the only one I use here is dropbox, some I’ve not even heard off. I’m going to have a play and see how they may benefit my retired self 🙂

    • Thank you very much Mr Rees. Use them, I know your productivity level will definitely increase. High quality apps for people who want to make a difference to their business!

  • Ryan Ware

    I use a few of these, but not heard of the others. This is definitely a well rounded list of productivity apps for business. Must try the others 🙂

    • Many thanks Ryan. Try them, they’re awesome! I love them.

  • Tony

    Excellent article. Great to receive some insight into how you work. The problem I see with working on the go is – where and when do you stop? I guess this way of working is inevitable.

    • Thank you Tony. Where and when you stop is a great question… you got to find a definitive balance and that’s the bottom-line. Difficult at times, but productivity on the go can be very useful in many ways. It’s not inevitable, it’s just a way of life 🙂 You choose your balance!