How To Promote Your Business Using The Power Of YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing for business

When you use social network YouTube to promote your product or service, you have the opportunity to reach literally millions of people without spending much from your marketing budget. In this article, I want to show you some top tips on how you can use YouTube marketing to help grow your business.

YouTube for business

Unlike television commercials, which people normally use to advertise their products or businesses, YouTube videos serve up a lot of entertainment too. Using YouTube marketing gives you access to a large number of people, I’m talking millions of people globally watch videos on YouTube every month. Think about if you were to advertise in a newspaper, this would limit your reach to local or national only.

Having a creative video can transform your static traditional campaign into an action driven presentation that unleashes your message in a powerful and dramatic way.

TOP TIP: Make sure your video is entertaining. That’s all your audience want. It’s so easy for them to move right along to another video if they aren’t entertained. The end goal is for them to find your website afterwards and hopefully make a purchase. If you create a great video which people like, word of mouth will take it even further.

How to choose tags and categories for your video

Once you have created an online video for your business and uploaded it onto YouTube, what do you have to do next? You need to choose your tags and categories for your video and Youtube marketing.

The tags and categories may be more important than you think and if you skipped those two sections in the past and left them blank, go back and complete them. Why?  To better promote your video and allow people to find you quickly and easily, it’s important to make sure these are filled out to the highest standard.

First, you should do some research on other niche YouTube marketing videos that are similar to yours and see what they have used in their videos. It really helps to look at the videos which have had a high number of views – people had to find those videos somehow.

Secondly, think about the categories which are not so popular for your YouTube marketing video. Why? If you are in a category which is less popular, chances are that it will have a very good chance of being found. In essence, this will slim down the competition. Tagging your video is equally important – try to add the most relevant keywords or tag words.

Youtube social network

Oh, and don’t forget YouTube is a social network!

YouTube isn’t just a video hosting and sharing platform, it’s a social network. You can add friends, message them, join groups and use the home board to interact with the YouTube community. Your YouTube marketing efforts will be more impactful the more you interact and engage with the audience.


I hope you put the above tips into action for your next video. Also, if you’ve published videos online, but not filled in the tags or categories correctly – go back and do that! It won’t work instantly, but you will definitely see an improvement. YouTube marketing can deliver truly amazing results.

Quick favour – if you would like to learn more about YouTube marketing, leave your comments and questions below and I’ll approach them in future articles too. Thank you!

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  • Robert Loomes

    Hi Bhavik, thanks for this convincing post. It makes sense and I’m sure video can benefit any type of business. I must get onto this 😉

    • My pleasure, just sharing some great tips. Absolutely – video is the way forward! 🙂

  • Sabrina

    Youtube is very powerful with the right marketing method. Video companies see benefit in it and so much other businesses. Thanks

    • Thanks Sabrina, correct – more and more businesses and companies are taking advantage of video now. Thanks for your comment 🙂