A Great Way To Build Traffic Fast For A Startup Website

Startup website traffic

Whether you have an online startup website or an offline startup business with a website, to build traffic fast you will need to market the new website to attract visitors.

An easy option would be to pay for traffic using banner adverts, sponsored links, pay per click advertising and even press releases.

Startup website 
By all means, do this whilst the website is in its infancy using a small budget to build traction, but if finance is tight as it is with most startups, how long could you keeps this up?

A great way to build traffic fast for a startup website is to temporarily borrow it, or utilise the traffic another established site is receiving. You’re not stealing their traffic, but simply contributing with some exposure back to your startup website.

For time effectiveness and relevancy, only contribute to sites where your target audience regularly visits and engages. This you will know from the research carried out for your startup website.

How to builds traffic for your startup website:


Do your homework

Doing extensive research and homework is vital to get any new startup website up and running. Find out exactly who your target customers are and more importantly, where they actually hangout. This is absolutely key to building relevant traffic to your startup website.

Again, you are not looking to steal those customers from a particular hangout, but rather, use it as an introduction to your business through exposure of your content.

So, where do you find such hangouts? Look into your industry journals, do they have a blog with a good readership. How about Linkedin business groups with potential customers. Business related industry forums can be a great source of exposure too.

Startup business website

Solve a problem

Firstly, try and find out what attracts those people to those particular sites. Are they looking to pick up ideas? Are they looking to engage with like minded people? Or are they looking for information that will help them solve a possible problem?

It is hard to gauge what the purpose may be, however, if you sense a lack of information through reader feedback then that could be your target and all you need to truly get involved.

In short, if you can provide information and content on what people are actually searching for that could be a solution for them, and a solution for your startup website traffic generation.

Build target relationships

Once you have identified your target websites and have studied their environment, it’s time to build a relationship with them.

You will have to contact the owner or administrator explaining your intention of making valuable contribution through content to their website. Present a selection of topics you would like to contribute and the name of your startup website and web address.

Most site administrators’ acknowledge a contribution of this type is in return favour of some traffic and exposure of your own site. Reassure them that this is all it is – presenting more good for the readers and not intended to carry off people away from the site.

Their contact and network is invaluable to you, so treat them with nothing but respect and do exactly as you say.

Build online relationships

Build your reputation

The previous sentence read “do exactly as you say” and this you will prove through the quality of the content you provide. It’s got to be unique, it’s got to be interesting and most of all, it’s got to be valuable to both the target site and the reader.

The more credible your contribution the bigger the impact you will make on the target website, and especially, on the readers. When done on an ongoing basis, your confidence curve will grow and soon, the readers will be searching for more information from you.

As a regular contributor, you will probably get a short bio at the end of the article which will include a link to your startup website. This section will be key to driving traffic to your site.

Grow your own turf

Your startup website, blog or ’playing field’ needs to play a crucial part in attracting and maintaining an audience. So, when a potential reader or customer clicks through to your website they find it valuable and insightful.

Align your primary products, services, pages and essential points of interest in the best way possible. If you have a blog which you should, produce new and unique content regularly especially that of interest to the reader which is the first reason why they came over to you anyway, right?

The value your startup website gives to the target audience is precisely the environment that will make them keep coming back for more. As the website grows, so will their interest and belief in you hence, your authority.

Startup website reputation

In summary

There is no hard and fast rule about how you build your relationships, or why one target site is better than another for traffic. However, a golden rule to remember is that you can build better qualified traffic faster with insightful content that is uniquely placed within a problem solving scenario.

By being resourceful and networking effectively, the startup website will build traffic month on month. Your profile and website will build credibility followed by authority which will gradually lead onto bigger and better opportunities.

Good luck on your startup or your established business. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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  • ankit

    Thanks..the article is very helpful

    • Thank you Ankit, I’m glad it has helped you.

  • Doing your homework and building relationships are so incredibly important, but strangely enough are quite often forgotten by many bloggers. How can you expect to grow your blog if you don’t know who your audience is or where to find them!

    Good to be reminded of this!

    • Thank you Catherine. What you say is very true. The fact that people are busy working ‘in’ their business rather than working ‘on’ their business also rings true when relationship building is neglected! I say, get uncomfortable and do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do. This hold a key to great relationships!

  • Paul Bonning

    Fantastic post filled with simple but very effective tips. Not only good for startups, but also very good for established businesses too. I especially like the idea of building relationships and reputation with others as this could really enhance your own online visibility. Thank you for sharing P.

    • Paul, very true and perfectly put! I see your confidence curve for online work growing 😉 Thanks for reading!

  • Sandi Lowe

    Thanks for the tips Shameer. I have heard this is a great way to get noticed. I would imagine to build this kind of relationship can take time, is that right? Do people get shot down a lot?

    • Thanks for reading Sandi. Business relationships is everything whether online or offline. Yes, relationship building does take time as you’d need to know, like and trust a person before business can be done. Online – similarly one needs to show some credibility through a good reputation. “Do people get shot down a lot?” if by this you mean, not approved to distribute content via another website… yes, this can happen especially if you have no or little track record of quality published work. But it’s not too often, for I’m assuming, if you’re approaching big name blogs you would be prepared to show some of your work!

  • Robert Loomes

    That’s a good article Sam. Relationships with customers and colleagues is what everything revolves around. Whether it’s online for face to face. I can see your simple tips here doing a lot of good.

    • Thank you Robert. Work those relationships and strengthen your reach of their contacts and audience.