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Social Story

“Make every minute count” was once said to me when I was young; if I’m being honest, I didn’t quite understand. Nor did I pay much attention. However, the older I become, the more I totally get and understand it. A story, a social story that has impacted me.

Social story of Happy family

A few years back, I had a good friend in business whose middle daughter was having problems. This friend worked all hours in the city to make sure his family led a fabulous lifestyle. However, this also meant he didn’t see his daughter, his wife or other 2 girls much.

When his daughter attended a councillor and was asked to draw a family picture , she came back 5 mins later with the picture – minus her dad!! My friend’s wife and the councillor asked “Where’s dad?”. To which she simply replied, “at work”. And now, the daughter’s social story began.

My friend took this really hard, so much so that he quit his job and took a 6 month sabbatical to reconnect with his family. During this sabbatical, he realised that work-life balance was far more important than earning fortunes.

Consequently, he didn’t go back to working in the city. Instead he built a man shed and worked from home. This meant he could be near his family whilst still bringing in the bacon.

After seeing this first hand, I decided it was time to take a day ‘working in’ my business and change it to a day ‘working on‘ my business. This gives me time to see my teenage daughters walking out the door to school. Afterwards, as stated, I’ve allotted time to ‘work on’ my business. Then, when daddy duties call I’m there on call! And that’s when my social story became more comfortable through appreciation.

So, the social story goes – whilst we can’t all do what my wealthy friend did, we can step back and ask ourselves “Am I giving enough time to those who need it the most?”, whether that be family, friends, colleagues, associate or clients. Just stop and think, am I using my time to the best of its ability? If the answer is no, then change it as YOU are the only one who can!!

We don’t work for money… we work for what it brings us, don’t we? Surely health, happiness and a good business are enough?

How do you find time for what is right?

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  • Great post Neil 🙂

    • Many thanks Stefan, hope you’re well:-)

  • Hi Neil,
    I think people always find time for what they think is important to them. If they fail to consider others in that equation, they leave room for regrets.
    Nothing beats quality time with loved ones.

    • Hi Bill,
      I’m not one for regrets and totally agree that nothing beats time with loved ones; spot on!! Hope you enjoyed the read:-)

  • Time management – does it really manage well.. 😀

  • bamps

    Spot on Neil – I need to work towards that goal soon. But you have given me an idea – simply collecting my kids from school one day a week could give me that quality time with the kids even for just an hour after school. My work-life-balance needs re-jigging – that will now be my year end goal!

    • Work the system to reach your goal. The daily system is the vehicle which will bring you to your goal!

    • So glad its pushed buttons Jeremy, please don’t turn around to find they’re all grown up and gone. Invest time now:-)

  • Neil, I love this story. True to life and true to oneself. Thanks for the Friday inspiration!

    • My pleasure Mr S, let your kids and what you do for them be an inspiration every day:-))

  • Wow – a fantastic post, very personal and so so true. You’re spot on; health, happiness and a good business is the perfect combo!

    • Peter Gyorgyovich

      Mate, this is so so true. When my first baby was born I decided to spend as much time at home as I could. For me family is everything and the best thing is watching my kids grow. To be there is so important for our children.
      Chances to earn money always arise, but if we miss a day with our kids, that day cannot be repeted.
      For every men: be there for your kids

      • Thanks for your reply Peter, what a lovely thought – Be there for your kids:-)

    • Thanks Bhavik for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. Other than health, family and a good business nothing else is important to me. Let the dogs eat the dogs whilst I see my girls grow into good women of the world:-)