LifeHack: Does ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’ Really Work?

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Does ‘What goes around, comes around’ really work? I think it does. To be a successful business person you need to be a nice person, simple! When most people hear the word ‘boss’ they automatically presume the person will be a slave driver, jerk or someone completely out of touch with the hardships of the mere employee. I guess we presume that’s what a boss should be like. A keyword with lack of original thought one would say!

Life Hack - The boss and Entrepreneurship

Things don’t always fit the norm and you will  notice that some of the nicest, down to earth humans are extremely successful in this cut throat world of business. Some may not see it this way, but it’s down to each individuals perception and experience of that person. This could be because the saying “what goes around…’ does indeed come around. It doesn’t take an educated person to know that if you are good to people then you’re more likely to get the same treatment back.

In business, it is no different. What you do for your customers and clients will go a long way in building good relations and that’s why there is such a large market for public relations. They work by the saying of ‘what goes around, comes around’. Likewise, there can only be one positive outcome and that is a thriving business – Every action has a reaction, if it’s managed positively then the reaction is likely a positive one.

A boss’s actions will always have repercussions and that’s why encouraging a good team under you will make your job a lot easier and create smooth operations for all within your business. Getting to know your target audience and the people that work for you is the key to being a good entrepreneur.

Life Hack - The boss and the employees

Living in the real world is what it’s all about. Very few have extremely cozy lives as there is much hardship that goes hand in hand with business and entrepreneurship. Therefore, understanding this principle and giving something back to the community will no doubt have a reaction that could only gain a positive feedback for your business, whether it be immediate or even a few years in the future. People always remember where you helped them out, but never forget where you didn’t and that can be damaging for you in your market place inevitably.

Giving a hand out here or there or even giving a promotional service or item for free will always attract a crowd. This does not only stop in the business world, but also in your personal growth as an entrepreneur.

What goes around will definitely come back around and knock at your door. The doors you leave open in your minds world will generate that positive energy to flow evenly and calmly throughout every aspect of your life.

Life Hack - Remove negativity from life and business

Good attracts good as so does the opposite. You will notice those that are always complaining and attracting negativity in their lives will in no doubt be consumed within that environment before they break that cycle. It has to start somewhere and more often than not, it first starts with you and how positively you portray yourself and the business that you are involved in to the wider community.

Whether you think it’s karma, a giving nature or a positive response, what goes around does come back around. I leave you with these wonderful and powerful words by Bob Burg and The Law of Receptivity – “The key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.”

It’s just a thought. Your turn, what are your thoughts?

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  • Sam Frymer

    Strong post Shameer. I’m a big fan of taking ownership and sending good vibes out into the business and social spheres. Send it out and get ready to receive it back many times over!

    • Thank you very much Sam. I hear you completely. Good vibes are key to positive energy which is returned in abundance for those who continue to take ownership!

  • Lirone Glikman

    Love this piece Shameer! Great post with important values for life and business. Thanks!

    • Thank you very much Lirone. Some recent events prompted this post and glad some good value has been instilled. I do want to help people realise that it’s not all about giving, but also receiving!

  • Platinum

    Excellent post. Love the part about “Every action has a reaction, if it’s managed positively then the reaction is likely a positive one.” I do believe in what goes around comes around!

    • Thank you. I’m very glad you took something away from the post.

  • Plomero

    I agree with everything you say and above all always have positive energy. Thank you very much, excellent post.

    • Thank you and yes, positive energy is always welcomed asset!

  • Web Desigining Company

    Nice post. Keep giving us this kind of post.

  • In total agreement Sam, a well written blog.. Givers in life generally give without expecting back. These actions show others around them that they’re not “in it” for themselves. Helping, guiding and advising people you come into contact with should come naturally; if it doesn’t try faking it until it does.. Have no time for negativity as that will only bring you and those around you down, its much nice to positive, isn’t it?! A lovely saying once said to me was “Be a radiator to those you come into contact with, not a drain!”… And always remember its nice to give than receive:-)

    • Thank you Neil. Funny enough, I’ve recently come across a few directors, top level men who simply believe it’s better to take. Sure, take as much as you want, but you better be able to give 10 times as much in return. Actually it’s not that funny at all!

      I’ve always loved the radiator quote and I enjoy it once again. Thanks for reading and writing!